Through its WEB SITE, owned by WORDSINPROGRESS, SL, hereinafter La Petita, it acts as administrator of the web site. Due to the content and purpose of the WEB SITE, persons who require information or wish to acquire the products offered on this web must register using the form USERS/CLIENTS, that is obtained by filling in the REGISTRATION form. Your data shall be included in an automated file for your protection, pursuant to Article 13 of the General Personal Data Protection Regulations EU-2016/679, of the Parliament and Council of Europe, of 27th April 2016, and LOPDGDD-3/2018, of 5th December, Directive 2011/83/EU, on the rights of consumers, of the Law applicable to Electronic Commerce, 34/2002, ECD-EC, and Act 3/2014, of 27th March, on Defense of Consumers and Users.

Pursuant to Article 6, paragraph f, of GDPR-EU-2016/679, and LOPD-3/2018, on guarantee of digital rights, its Article 7 states that the interests or rights and fundamental freedoms of the data subject that require personal data protection, in particular when the data subject is under 14 years of age and cannot provide consent for a business to collect their personal data online, it being their legal representatives (parents or guardians) who may do so on their behalf, except when the minor is at least 16 years old, when their consent shall be licit. 


The descriptions of the items displayed on the WEB SITE are provided in the product lists.

The WEB SITE:, the Administrator of which is La Petita, for online sale of a book collection specialized in children’s and youth literature.

La Petita considers each user of this web to be a potential customer who deserves our products to be up to their high expectations. 


The prices displayed that are provided through the WEB SITE include VAT on its products and the shipping costs shall depend on the quantity and distance, that shall be stated at the moment of price of accepting the purchase in the MY CART section. 


Once the order is formalized, that is, by acceptance of the sale conditions and conditions of use and confirmation of the purchase process in the MY CART section, the administrator of the web page shall always send a notification or electronic mail to the USER/CUSTOMER, to confirm the details of the products acquired. 


The USER/CUSTOMER shall pay at the moment of ordering the product. The receipt for purchase or services and/or formalities related to the order or request made may be viewed on the WEB SITE, in the customers’ section.

The USER/CUSTOMER must pay the relevant amount for their order by means of the credit or debit card payment system; VISA, MASTERCARD and OTHERS, or BANK TRANSFER.

When payments are made by bank transfer, the order shall not be accepted until collection is confirmed.

The USER/CUSTOMER must notify the web page administrator of any undue or fraudulent charge in the payment system used, by electronic mail or by telephone, within the shortest time possible, in order for the administrator to be able to carry out the appropriate enquiries. 


Diverse modes or methods of delivery may be used according to the destination. Each mode and destination shall have the shipping times specified in the order confirmation process in the description of each product; the usual delivery time by Courier shall be from 24 to 48 hours; it shall be 72 hours by Post; these are approximate times and are stated in working days, although a delay in the supply shall not give rise to penalization. 

The web page administrator shall not be held liable for errors arising in delivery when the delivery address input by the USER/CUSTOMER in the order firm is incorrect or contains omissions. 

The delivery times may vary due to logistic reasons or force majeure. In the event of delays in deliveries, the web page administrator shall inform its USERS/CUSTOMER when it has knowledge of such.

Each delivery shall be considered to have been completed as of the product being made available to the USER/CUSTOMER, that shall take place through the tracking system used by the courier company or Post Office. 

Cases in which the order has been made available to the USER/CUSTOMER by the delivery service within the term and the USER/CUSTOMER has not been able to collect it for reasons of their own, shall not be considered a delay in delivery.

When the order leaves our company, you shall be sent an electronic mail to notify you that your order has been accepted and that is being sent by the courier service. 


If the USER/CUSTOMER is absent at the moment of delivery, the distributor shall leave a notification with instructions on how to proceed to collect the order. The web page administrator has contracts with courier services, the Post Office and other systems to guarantee that the delivery takes place. 

If collection has not been arranged once 7 working days have elapsed from the order being sent out for delivery, the USER/CUSTOMER must contact the web page administrator. 

In the event of the USER/CUSTOMER not doing so, after the working days we have agreed with the delivery service, from the order being put out for delivery, it shall be returned and the USER/CUSTOMER shall bear the shipping and return costs of the order, as well as the related management expenses. 

If the reason the delivery could not be made is that the order has been lost, La Petita shall commence an investigation, that will delay delivery of the order, a circumstance the administrator of this web will resolve with the customer.


The USER/CUSTOMER must check the proper state of the order before the distributor who, must check the proper state of the order in front of the person delivering the product ordered for the administrator of the web page. If subsequently, on having checked the products, the USER/CUSTOMERdetects any incident, such as signs of it having been manipulated or any damage caused to it in transit, they undertake to notify the web page administrator of this as soon as possible by electronic mail:, or telephone +34 93 188 24 56.



All the products bought on the administrator’s web page may be returned and reimbursed, as long as the USER/CUSTOMER notifies the administrator that they intend to return the product/s acquired as soon as possible after receiving the product and, if they proceed to return the product, the term shall be 14 days from the moment of notifying the return. 

The web page administrator shall only accept returns that fulfil the following requisites:

The product must be in the same state as when delivered and it the original packaging and label must be conserved. 

It must be shipped using the same box or packaging as that it which it was received to protect the product. 

If it is not possible to return it in the packaging used to deliver it, the USER/CUSTOMER must return the product with a protective wrapping so the product reaches the company that administers the web page with the maximum guarantees possible for it to be checked. 

Reimbursement of your money, if you wish, for articles not specifically ordered off-catalog, or a coupon you may exchange for its amount, in due time, for another book you would like.

If the reason for the return is due to the web page administrator (the product is incorrect or incomplete, is not what was ordered, etc.), the amount of the return shall be reimbursed. If there is another reason, the cost of the return expenses shall be borne by the USER/CUSTOMER.

In order to proceed to a return, the following steps must be followed:

You must report this as soon as possible in working days from the delivery, and state that you want to return the product. The information may be provided by telephone +34 93 188 24 56, or by electronic mail to  

The web page administrator shall inform the USER/CUSTOMER of the address the product must be sent to.

The USER/CUSTOMER must return the products by the same method used to send it: courier, Post Office or other systems. The return shall be paid by the USER/CUSTOMER.

The web page administrator accepts and shall process returns pursuant to the local laws, the EU Directive and the international consumer laws. 


Only in the case of the service physically delivered being defective or incorrect will the web page administrator also reimburse the USER/CUSTOMER the relevant costs.

The web page administrator shall manage the reimbursement order within the same system as used for payment. Application of the reimbursement to the USER/CUSTOMER’s account or card shall depend on the payment system and issuing company.